6. If the Name Is Still a Developer Name Or The Old Owner.

The owner may make transfer of property and pursuant to Section 160 of Act 171, it shall be a mistake if the owner does not make the transfer process. The owner must attend the Evaluation Division, MPLBP with the following copies of the following documents: -

  • Form I (transfer) - available on the MPLBP website and MPLBP Integrated Counter
  • Copy of Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of Title of Title (Grant)
  • Copy of Receipt The latest assessment of taxation / excise tax (which has been fully explained).
  • Copy of new owner's identity card
  • Copy of death certificate (if applicable)
  • Wills (if applicable)
  • Processing fee of RM 30.00.

The owner is required to make the transfer process within THREE (3) months after the holding of the purchase or the old owner has died.


7. When Do Tax Assessment / Tax Door Must Pay.

i. Tax assessments / tax exits should be settled before or on 28 / 29th February for the first term (Jan-June) and before or on 31st August for the second term (July-December).

ii. If payment is not made within the prescribed period, the Council may impose late penalty penalties, notice of claim (Notice E) and warrant warrants at the following rates: -

Last Payment Date & Charge

  • February 28/29 for First Term (Jan - Jun)
  • 31 August for the Second Division (Jul - Dec)
  • Late Penalty 2% on outstanding + current balance
  • Payment Notice E = RM 3.00 per term
  • Detention Warrant Fee (Warrant F) = RM10.00









8. What to Do If You Have Moved?

You will need to complete the Information Updates form available at the Integrated Counter and Valuation Department on Level 2 of the Langkawi Municipal Council.


9. If the Owner Is Not Able To Settle The Overall Tax Assessment / Door Tax, Can It Be Paired By Installment?

The owner is advised to attend the Valuation Department at Level 2 of the Langkawi Municipal Council to consult with the responsible officer.


10. What Happened Should The Assessment Tax / Door Tax Not Explained In Designated Period.

i. Notice (Form E) will be issued to the holding owner and it shall

be explained within FIFTEEN (15) days from the date the notice is posted or submitted.

ii. The reimbursement of warrant will be imposed on the entire arrears.

iii. Theft and auctioning of movable property.

iv. Court action.

v. All costs incurred during the above processes are COMPULSORYED by the owner.

11. What to Do If Building / Holding Is Empty or Not Occupied?

The owner / building owner shall report to the Council if the building / holdings are vacant and uninhabited, the owner should come to the Valuation Department, MPLBP by filling out the Blank Allow Application Form for each term.



Please click on the link next to the form.

Form of transfer

Information Update Form

Application for Vacant Allowance

Remission Application Terms




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